I still ride a bike, but rarely wear kilts.

My people made the trip from Norway to Scotland in about 900AD, then, eventually,  to Ireland. My other people come from India and Indonesia, and according to a cousin of mine, half of that lineage can be traced to the Mongols under Genghis Khan. Apparently, this explains a few things about us, but I haven’t done the DNA test to prove it. I grew up on the Haldimand Tract and now live on an island whose original name many of us are working on getting our tongues around, Nex̱wlélex̱m. I feel privileged to be here, it feels like home.

A sense of everyday complexity drew me to story and led me into newsrooms and other strange locales. Career highlights include: being left alone to “be” the newsroom on the weekend of a Hells Angels convention; a road trip with one of my favourite cousins (I have many favourite cousins) to visit a former cult and interview its remaining members; falling asleep to the underwater sounds of humpbacks in the Pacific Northwest.

In February, 2018, I wrapped up work as the editor (and only paid writer) of my small island’s newspaper.  It was exhausting, sometimes exhilarating and almost always, meaningful work. I am utterly grateful for the role because it forced me to find my voice in a whole new way, and use it.

I’ll keep using it, and help others use theirs. Hopefully, I can make the world a little better as I do.