I still ride a bike, but rarely wear kilts.

I’ve been working as a journalist in just about every form of media since 2005. Career highlights include: being left to man the weekend newsroom and cover a local Hells Angels convention, a road trip with one of my favourite cousins (I have many favourite cousins, for the record) to visit a former cult to interview its remaining members, and falling asleep to the underwater sounds of humpbacks in the Pacific Northwest.

In February, 2018, I wrapped up work as the editor (and only paid writer) of my small island community’s newspaper.  It was exhausting, sometimes exhilarating and almost always, meaningful work. I’m almost fully recovered from the  job, and I am utterly grateful for the role because it forced me to find my voice in a whole new way, and use it.

I’ll keep using it, and help others use theirs. Hopefully, I can make the world a little better as I do.