From, “The Cost of Living,” by Arundhati Roy.

Copy & Content
I write clean, crisp and clear content that tells story – the story of what you do, why you do it, and why the world needs that world to be done. Stories move the world, and the ones I write are grounded in our best ability to know, understand and communicate a truth that needs telling.

You’ve got words on the paper but you’re worried they don’t quite sing; the story you are telling is a powerful one, but what you’ve put together just doesn’t do it justice; you need someone to help you smooth out the rough bits of your writing, sharpen the pointy bits, and soften the prickly bits. I’m here to help.

The Writer’s Adventure
Workshops, retreats, personalized coaching and coaching programs designed to turn people who have a story inside them into writers – and authors. Since 2018, we walked five authors from first draft to publication and have taken adventuring writers to Joshua Tree, California; Hemlock Valley, BC and Enso Retreat Centre on beautiful Saltspring Island, BC (which is now base-camp for all our adventures). Meet story coach extraordinaire Tina Overbury and find out more details about The Writer’s Adventure here; meet our resident retreat host, coach and kundalini yoga teacher Dori Howard here.

Clients and partners: