Work with me

Are you in a writing jam?
I can help.
My SOS Writing Service will help you nail your story, within the necessary parameters, on a deadline.
If you’ve got a writing project (large or small) that you’d simply like to outsource, I can help with that too.

Got an idea but don’t know how to put it out there?
I am here to help you do the digging required to turn your great idea into a great story. It might be a story/article or book that you are halfway through, but you’re coming up short. I’m a research fiend with an eye for missing pieces.

Need content?
You need the world to know the amazing things you are up to, but want someone else to tell the story. This is me. I conduct interviews and deliver content in whatever form works for you: writing, podcasts, video… We work together to ensure that the final product is exactly what you want it to be.

Need an editor?
Your story matters and you know it. You’ve embarked and pushed through on the writing project of a lifetime but you are not sure if it is good enough to print, or even to be read by anyone but your mother. As your editor, I’ll go through your work and make sure it is not only clear but also that it communicates your message with impact. I will fix grammar, and typos and re-jig sentences where necessary, but this is not about copy-editing. This is about holding your writing to its highest potential.

Need a coach?
You are writing, but keep getting stuck.  You are writing, but your story feels like a giant string of tangled Christmas lights, and you’d just as soon walk away as untangle them yourself. You are writing, but you need help to make that writing turn into something people might actually want to read. Tina-O Life and I work in close collaboration to offer personalized coaching to in-process writers looking for support. Together, we call ourselves The Writer’s Adventure.

To learn more or to enquire about services, just drop me an email!